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Server Status: Offline
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Port: 2593

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Files Required to Play
Full RAR
Decrypted Client RAR

Welcome To Haven Reborn
I've decided to return to running a free shard again, no matter how many times i try to walk away from Ultima Online i find myself always returning like so many people do, so please continue to read on and you will begin to get an idea of what the shard has to offer.

The type of shard i've decided to settle on is from a time just before there were huge changes made to maps, towns and various other in game items and systems from EA games.

Connecting to Haven Reborn
To connect to the server you will need to download the full rar file from the link section.

Once you have that file just extract the contents to a folder on your PC, in the main folder you will find a file called 'No_Crypt_Client_2d.exe' this is the file that runs the game, the login.CFG file is already setup to connect to our server.

If you run into any problems please register with the forums and post in there, i will reply as soon as i can to help you out.

If you have any additional questions just ask in our forums.

General Shard Rules
As far as shard rules, i'm pretty laid back about what happens on the server, obviously due to the nature of this being an online game where anyone can connect i've decided to lay down the very basics of what i consider to be right or wrong in my game world and ask that you try to follow these as a guide to your gameplay when logged in.

General Rules
  • If you discover a bug you report it, that way i can fix it.
  • Respect your fellow players, they have taken the time to patch and login to this server, if you anoy them they will leave for another server and no one likes to play an empty shard.
  • If you (the player) decide to leave, consider contacting me and let me know why, that way i can make changes which you may like more and decide to stay.
  • Remember, it's just a game so enjoy yourself.
  • If you think something needs to be changed or you have an idea contact me, i may consider coding something if i think it's worth while.

Server Content & Customised Item
This is a list of some of the custom items & systems the shard has.

Server Customs
  • Custom Resources, standard resources plus additional ones all adjusted to maintain a balanced craft system.
  • Crystal & Powder resources, all harvestable in the correct areas.
  • Knive Chat v3.0, accessed with the [c command.
  • Firework Crafting, as well as extra items to the craft systems.
  • Stargates, various gates are placed around the game world for you to discover.
  • Stealables, various items with different artifact levels, most can be found in the felluca map if your feeling up to it.
  • Evo Pets & Bio Engineering is on the server.
  • New Pack Animals.
  • Player Goverment System v2.21
  • There are other items in game which you may only find on the Haven Reborn server, over time more and more will be added.